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abrasive belts joint making

Nov 27, 2013· I have finally had success withmaking beltsand re-gluing oldbeltswith Gorilla glue. I picked up a large quantity of 1x48beltsat a sale that were older and thejointswere failing. My method is to take a single edge razor blade and remove all traces of old adhesive from thejoint. I then align thebeltends using a piece of aluminum angle.

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    joining a sanding belt Beginners Place Bladesmith's

    Dec 04, 2009· I have used a decent super glue tomakeup smallbeltsfor drum sanders before. As has been said cut at roughly 45 degrees, grind off grit on each edge, approx 1/4 inch, then apply super glue to one edge and hold together till joined. Spend next hour walking around withbeltstuck to hand and apply solvent tobeltand fingers.

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